Friday, October 17, 2008

My neighborhood.

I currently live in Federally Subsidized Housing, also known as "The Projects". It's not to bad. I hate the lack of privacy. It's a little noisy. Occasionaly there is a shooting. But the crime is generally from people who don't live here. I have a nice front patio, that I share with my neighbor and an okay back porch that I also share with my neighbor (my dwelling is a duplex.). This past summer I grew a small container garden on my back porch. I grew 2 different tomatoes, an eggplant, bell peppers, and zucchini. The tomatoes did really well. I was very pleased with the heirloom variety, Mr. Stripey, it was a wonderfully sweet and flavorful tomato. It was also a really pretty tomato. It's color was a pinky red with orangey yellow stripes. These tomatoes generally didn't make it into the house. I ate them before they made it that far and I will be growing these again next year. The eggplant was also really good. It was a really nice japanese variety, which I had never had. It had a wonderfully firm and sweet flesh with a beautiful purple skin. I also plan on growing these again.

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